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Site Power Engineering Consultants specialize in electrical engineering design and project management for lighting, high voltage overhead and underground power distribution systems. We deliver our custom turnkey services to electric Utilities, Municipalities, Developers as well as private industry throughout Western Canada. Site Power is successful when our clients are successful.

Master Planning

Site Power saves you time and money by planning the electrical capacity your land uses. Area servicing plans comply with local electrical utility requirements and can coordinate with gas and telecom utilities. Our systems are planned with reliability, safety and economy in mind. With our turnkey Master Planning services we provide workable alternatives and options with clear recommendations in alignment with your project goals and needs. Our project management team understands the larger economic value-chains the electrical system fits into. From strategy to development through to completion, we understand utility services can be a hurdle to overcome. Site Power removes the obstacles and ensures your project delivers high quality distribution services.

Street Lighting

High quality and well planned street lighting enhances any roadway.  When considering the poles and fixtures that are right for your roadway, Site Power helps you understand your options and ensures your selections get assembled into a reliable and economical lighting system.  Site Power can work with any type of pole and luminaire. Options like galvanized or decorative poles, cobra head or post top are available with high quality LED lights. Site Power uses modern tools like AGi32 to model photometrics based on the numerous parameters including road design, luminaires chosen, light source, pole heights and surface improvements to ensure the design meets applicable municipal, IESNA and TAC requirements. Street lighting system owners can trust that Site Power will properly integrate the new with the old, and develop a scope that satisfies LED conversions as well as system alterations. If you feel in the dark about street lighting in your development, switch yourself on to Site Power.

Private Underground & Overhead Distribution

Ownership comes with many benefits but also comes with obligations and operational challenges. Site Power provides safe, economic and reliable solutions for your high voltage electrical system needs, including:

  • Protection schemes 
  • Coordination time intervals 
  • Power factor correction
  • Soil resistivity 
  • Ground grid design
  • Project delivery 
  • Connecting renewables 
  • Connecting to the grid
  • Distributing within your site
  • System upgrades and alterations 

Our turnkey services give you the peace of mind of knowing your project is being handled with experience, transparency and compliance with all system standards. Bring us your overhead or underground electrical system challenges and Site Power will solve them.

Utility Underground & Overhead Distribution

Electrical and Municipal Utilities can trust Site Power’s consulting and design-build services to be on SPEC for utility requirements. Site Power’s professionals have extensive experience working with major distribution Utilities throughout Western Canada. Line alterations and extensions, as well as asset replacements, are a fraction of what we do to ensure the system is safe, reliable and economic. System alterations and extensions meet Utility requirements, site needs, and work within your projects schedule. We provide expertise with poles, wires and equipment to solve distribution needs. All overhead and underground systems, joint pole access for telecoms and other facilities can be assessed and planned using this same expertise. Site Power works to provide optimum value for owners of regulated assets.


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