Utility Underground and Overhead Distribution

Electrical and Municipal Utilities can trust Site Power’s consulting and design-build services to be on SPEC for utility requirements. Site Power’s professionals have extensive experience working with major distribution Utilities throughout Western Canada. Line alterations and extensions, as well as asset replacements, are a fraction of what we do to ensure the system is safe, reliable and economic. System alterations and extensions meet Utility requirements, site needs, and work within your projects schedule. We provide expertise with poles, wires and equipment to solve distribution needs. All overhead and underground systems, joint pole access for telecoms and other facilities can be assessed and planned using this same expertise. Site Power works to provide optimum value for owners of regulated assets.

Site Servicing Simplified

Site Power takes on dozens of Underground Residential Distribution (URD) design-build projects annually for our developer and utility customers.  Project sizes range from small single transformer jobs to large multi-stage developments spanning several years. From a residential perspective, we’re connecting power to nearly a thousand new homes each year.

Beyond our URD servicing we take on several overhead distribution projects annually for our utility customers.  These projects are driven by system improvements required to accommodate new developments, asset relocations or end of life maintenance.  Site Power’s overhead design services to our utility clients include Site / Asset condition assessments, Stakeholder engagement, multi stage design approvals (35%, 65%, 95%), work on complex / non-standard installations, construction estimates, material forecasting & procurement, GIS system digitizing, issuance of work order packages, construction support, work order reconciliation, closeout and financial asset detailing.  

Some recent projects include:

  • South Skirt Mountain (Westview & Southpoint) comprise a ~230 acre residential community located on the Southern Slope of Skirt Mountain in Langford BC.  The ultimate build out will see over 3300 residential units including Single Family, Townhomes, and Condos.  The community is supported by ~20,000 sqft commercial retail as well as a brand new school.  Site Power has been contributing to this project from the very beginning.  Services include Master Planning of the entire South Skirt Mountain area, Circuit Load management and interconnectivity schemes, URD Design-Build, Feeder Duct Bank design-build, lift / pump station & PRV station services, Street Lighting Design, Gas / Telecom coordination & Management, & Private System design for temporary construction power. 
  • Vesta Properties Latimer Village & Latimer Heights is a 74 acre master planned mixed use residential & commercial community located in Langley BC.  The ultimate build out will see nearly 2000 residential units (Townhomes & Condos) supported by 76,000 sqft commercial retail, office, & food services.  Site Power has been participating in phases 3, 5, 6, & 7.  Services include Feeder Planning / load study / circuit interconnectivity schemes, URD design-build, Feeder Duct Bank Planning, Gas / Telecom coordination & management, existing utility asset relocations / salvaging, & Private Power design-build & equipment rental for temporary crane & construction servicing.
  • Westbow Group Cedarbrook Development is a ~60 acre mixed use residential, commercial, industrial development on First Nation territory near Chilliwack BC.  The development consists of ~1200 residential units including Estates, Single Family, Townhomes, & Condos all supported by ~370,000 sqft of commercial and industrial work-live space.  Site Power has been engaged from the preliminary concept stage providing services for Master Planning, Load forecasting / management, URD design-build, Telecommunication design, street lighting options / cost forecasting / detailed design, & private temporary power distribution system design.
  • Anthem Properties Maplewoods Place and Maplewoods West Development is is a 100 unit multi-stage, multilevel townhome development in North Vancouver. The site is situated on the historic Maplewood farm in North Vancouver and is located next to significant underground / overland drainage corridors. Site Power has provided design-build URD and decorative street lighting servicing and managed non-standard utility crossings to service the site.

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