Powerful Solutions

Power Distribution

Site Power provides design and turnkey services that Developers and Utilities can trust. System alterations and extensions meeting utility requirements and site needs are delivered to your project’s schedule.

Power Distribution

Site Power provides expertise with poles, wires and equipment to solve distribution needs. Joint pole access for telecoms, lighting and other facilities are assessed and planned with this same expertise. 

Street Lighting

High-quality and well-planned street lighting enhances any roadway. When considering poles and fixtures that are right for your roadway, Site Power helps you understand your options and ensures your selections get assembled into a reliable and economical lighting system.

Master Planning

Site Power saves you time and money by planning for the end-user electrical capacity in your land development. Area servicing plans comply with local electrical utility requirements and can coordinate with lighting, gas and telecom utilities.

Street Lighting

Brighten and beautify your streetscape with lighting that meets local requirements and creates a safe, secure and inviting public space.

Private Distribution

Safe, economic and reliable solutions for industrial sites, large commercial customers and legacy system owners. Bring us your overhead or underground electrical system challenges and Site Power will solve them. 

Utility Distribution

Electrical and municipal utilities can trust that Site Power’s consulting and design-build services are on SPEC to utility requirements. Site Power’s professionals have extensive experience working with major distribution utilities throughout Western Canada.

Bringing Power to Your Sites

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