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Our team’s vast knowledge and commitment to designing, developing and executing power solutions are leading the way in the engineering community.

Trevor Stemo P.ENG

President | Sr. Engineer | Project Manager

Trevor is the co-founder and Managing Principal at Site Power whose vision inspired the creation of the company. Through his work with a diverse clientele of private owners, companies, agencies, utilities and municipalities he has become an industry leader in developing systems that continually deliver results. Trevor is an engaging and driven problem solver who strives to make things better rather than accepting them as they are. When Trevor isn’t designing power systems, you can find him in Victoria, with his beautiful family enjoying all things outdoors.

Tom Burns P.ENG

Co Founder | Sr. Engineer | Project Manager

Tom is a co-founder and senior partner at Site Power. Tom has over 35 years of experience in the electrical utility industry spanning all aspects through generation to distribution including standards, planning, engineering, and design. Tom developed and has experience in the BC Hydro Customer Build program since 2008 and is widely regarded as an industry expert. Tom is often sought out as a high value specialist consultant for a variety of technical engineering and policy / governance issues by clients throughout BC. Tom is a natural leader and mentor who supports the development of all on the team. People who work with Tom often follow him or maintain contact to lean on him for advice and support. When Tom isn’t in the office he is likely surrounded by his grandchildren, children and lovely wife.

Regan Shular MBA P.ENG

Director AB Operations | Sr. Engineer | Project Manager

Regan believes leadership is what happens when people are attracted to passion and purpose lived out. Regan lives out passion and purpose when learning, serving, competing, and investing in others.  With over 15 years of engineering and leadership experience and an MBA, Regan brings his training and experience to the benefit of Site Power’s team and clients. Regan has been involved in connecting hundreds of MW load to the distribution system and the installation of over a thousand streetlights in the Calgary area.  Regan is sought out for his systems mindset, collaboration skills, drive for elegant solutions, and ability to make things better. Clients trust Regan to understand their business challenges and correctly identify the problems to be solved. When Regan isn’t solving problems for his clients, you can find him in Calgary exploring the world through the eyes and observations of his children.

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